What a Logistics and Supply-Chain Tech Expert Thinks of the Markets

While shipping has remained dominant mode for transporting freight, businesses were increasingly looking for alternative ways to transport goods. As it happens, e-commerce is one of the most powerful forces driving innovation and technological changes in the logistics industry. Electronic goods are now more popular in Europe than in the US, where they are still in the minority. By 2020, it was estimated that 66 percent of all consumer goods will be bought online, with similar rates predicted for the US and China. The emergence of online shopping has stimulated demand for greater logistics capabilities and efficiency in logistics.

Logistics software

Logistics software solutions are used by companies and governments alike in any sector where products must be shipped to end-users, warehoused and then transported to the final destination. There are no particular limitations on the sector as long as it is engaged in the transportation of goods – regardless of where they are intended for – including worldwide. Logistics software works to streamline and optimize an organization’s logistical operations. It can be custom-tailored to meet business needs, such as specific tracking, inspections and reporting requirements or simply for standard application management.

Supply chain management systems

The rise of online shopping, coupled with the continued growth of e-commerce, has led to unprecedented levels of complexity and demand. To cope with the rising demand for goods and services, firms are leveraging software to transform and modernize their supply chain management (SCM) processes. The applications of SCM systems vary across sectors. They range from internal functions such as operations, planning, marketing, customer relations, finance, inventory management and warehouse management, to external processes such as shipping, handling, and logistics. IT and finance at Sparkasse To gain insight into the role of SCM systems and the potential impact of IT on the development of the business, Sparkasse asked banks to compare the size and the value of their SCM budgets.

How to Manage a Multichannel Strategy

Experts have also drawn on recent studies to create a massive supply-chain guide, with the UK Department for International Trade using this as a key resource in its trade strategies. And, according to a recent Deloitte study, British companies spend £600 million a year acquiring information technology, though 70% of those surveyed said they needed more help in managing such an extensive software portfolio.

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