Tim Murawski, Saving the world One Medical Device at a Time

Tim Murawski is a Chicago native who graduated from Western Illinois University. Although he studied operations management, he quickly realized he preferred sales over management, becoming an outstanding healthcare expert and businessman. If Tim Murawski isn’t on the tennis court or spending time with his family, he is focused on finding and marketing the latest and most innovative medical equipment available. 


Tim Murawski has over twenty years in the medical equipment sales industry and has worked for such companies as Baxter Intuitive and Hansen Medical. In addition, he worked at General Surgical Innovations, and Mazor Robotics. Specializing in biotechnology, he has been an asset to the industry and has been known for marketing such things as needleless IV products as well as augmented reality technology. 


With over twenty years of experience in the field, he certainly knows what he is doing. Salesman with a strong career Tim Murawski currently works for Augmedics medical research firm, where he serves as their Chief Sales Officer. He joined Augmedics in 2019 and believes that the Augmented Reality in healthcare technology the company offers will be a game-changer for spinal surgeons. 

This new device will enable surgeons to see into a person’s body just like an x-ray machine. The products he has discovered and sold throughout his lifetime have indeed been known to advance the medical industry and raise the standards of care not only for the United States but around the globe. Tim Murawski continues to advocate for medical robotics and introduce cutting-edge technology.

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