Taking a Look at the History of SeaWorld

Founded in 1964 by Milton C. Shedd, David Demott, Ken Norris, and George Millay, SeaWorld is an amusement and entertainment park in America. It has its headquarters in Orlando, Florida. It has its operations in the USA, including California and Middle East countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi. It includes water parks, rehabilitation centers, oceanariums, among others. Today most animals are threatened to be extinct shortly, but with the efforts done by Sea World, there is hope to preserve their life. The public helps operations conserve wildlife when they visit animal conservation areas such as zoos and pay to access the zoo. The money collected funds the saving operations.

Sea World gets led by Dr. Chris Dold, who doubles as the chief and a veterinarian at the zoo. Dr. Chris has won awards due to his great works of saving threatened animals. He has rescued over 350 animal species.

Sea World has funded activities aimed at conserving animals. It takes part in educating the public on the importance of preserving animals and things one can do. It also funds and gives technical support needed to rescue and conserve animals.

In collaboration with research institutions and universities such as the University of California, Los Angeles, SeaWorld, research and compile their findings into journals, books, or videos where other scientists can use their works to do further analyses. They help preserve information about animals, and the data can get passed from one generation to the other.

More than that, SeaWorld funded a research project for Killer Whales with $10 million. Detailed research got done about killer whales. The project got aimed at protecting killer whales, increasing food supply, and improving their habitats.

In collaboration with other organizations, Sea world has been working towards saving coral reefs and increasing the population of fish. Most of the coral reef gets destroyed during fishing when inferior methods get used. SeaWorld has been putting in measures to rectify the damage caused as fish feed on the coral reef. SeaWorld has also been breeding fish in ponds to contain reduced fishing activities in the open sea.

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