Six Lessons From Philip Belamant: The New King of Fashion

In the world of fashion, there are trends, and there are originators. Philip Belamant is an originator. The founder and CEO of Invincible, a digital luxury brand company, creates digital-first luxury brands with proprietary software as a service (SaaS) platforms for brand management and e-commerce and has managed to build a successful business by challenging the status quo – again and again. For decades, the fashion industry experienced minimal change in technology. However, when Belamant began his business in 2014, everything changed. He was one of the first people to recognize how big data could be used to streamline the production process while still maintaining quality. Even more impressively, he understood how artificial intelligence could be implemented to create new designs based on consumer preferences and trends that weren’t even visible then.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail.

Philip Belamant was successful in the financial trading world, but he was keenly aware that success in that world didn’t necessarily translate to success in the fashion world. He did fail in his first attempt at creating a fashion product – an AI platform capable of translating an image into a design for a T-shirt. However, he didn’t let that failure stop him; instead, he used it as valuable information for his future success. His failure taught him that fashion operated in a very different world from financial trading and that AI needed a different approach. As a result, he rewrote the code for his AI program, which allowed him to create the design for a T-shirt based on images.

Move Fast and Break Things

When Philip Belamant began creating digital-first luxury fashion brands, he did so with the vision that AI would create designs for new items (such as bags, shoes, and other products). However, he wasn’t sure how quickly AI could do so. As a result, he decided to create two different brands with two different approaches. One brand, called Black, would use AI to create designs, while another, Noble, would create designs using human designers. This created a sort of “sandbox” for Belamant and his team to experiment with the two different processes and see which one was more successful. This process helped refine the two approaches and identify which could be better used across his entire company and with other brands in the future.

Hire Passionate People

Philip Belamant believes that finding people who are passionate about their work is just as important as finding people who have the skills and experience necessary for their roles. After all, being passionate about your work drives you to succeed. And success is crucial for digital-first luxury brands because these long-term projects require dedication and patience. The team behind Invincible is full of people who are passionate about what they do. In addition to Belamant, the team includes experienced designers who know the fashion industry inside and out, people who are technology experts, and other people who are experts in marketing, sales, and operations.

Leverage AI and Big Data

Belamant was one of the first to use AI to design new products. However, he wasn’t satisfied with the results. As a result, he decided to dive deeper into AI and use big data and machine learning to help his system create even better designs. While AI technology was already established, Belamant and his team created a technology that could monitor consumers’ online activities, including their likes and dislikes, to create new designs and determine what consumers might purchase. This technology also allows Invincible to create designs and products that are unique and unavailable anywhere else, which is extremely important in the fashion world.

Use Blockchain to Build Transparency

Most people are familiar with blockchain as the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other digital currencies. However, blockchain technology has many other applications beyond just finance. One of blockchain’s most important applications is creating transparency and trust where there may be none. This is extremely important in the fashion world, where there is often a lack of transparency regarding where products are created, the materials used, and the ethical treatment of workers. By implementing blockchain technology across Invincible’s brands, Philip Belamant and his team ensure that their customers know that their products are ethically produced and don’t rely on trust alone.

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