PosiGen Improves Lives of Low-to-Moderate Incomers and People of Color

PosiGen is a solar power company offering cheap and safe solar power. It started its operations in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina’s devastation. Several homes and property were destroyed, and it was upon the government to help its citizens return to their original financial position. However, the 16 programs rolled out by the government only benefited the rich, leaving low-to-moderate incomes in a critical condition after Hurricane Katrina hit. Therefore, PosiGen resolved to supply cheap and affordable electricity. Also, they ensured that this electricity is cheap to help them save on their bills. Not forgetting, solar power is safe and environment-friendly, helping these clients avoid the costly and polluting fossil fuels.


PosiGen offers its solar power into programs, leases, and purchases. Whichever option clients opt for, they enjoy a free installation and maintenance fee. So far, the solar company has gained more than 140000 clients. The lease program is the most preferred option, bringing in more than 12000 clients. PosiGen understands that these are working class, tailoring the monthly payment to an affordable limit. Also, the monthly installment is fixed, giving clients room for planning on their resources. Those who can raise all the cash required for installing the solar panels can opt for the purchase option. Same here; they get to enjoy free installation and maintenance costs, besides discounted prices.


Uplifting people of color has been one of the key objectives for PosiGen solar power company. Therefore, besides providing them with solar power systems, it employs them. Also, it ensures that it gives women and people of color equal access to jobs and resources. More than 65% of its employees are either women or people of color. Providing cheap power has motivated target clients to invest in technology. PosiGen wants the best for its clients. Net metering is an outstanding feature it introduced to its clients to manage the power they produce and consume. When a client produces more than they consume, the excess is stored in the form of credit. However, these credits can be retrieved freely when the same consumer consumes more than the grid produces. Such a strategy helps reduce extra expenses on electricity, even when a client increases their power consumption.


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