Mahmoud Khattab’s Success as CEO of Precision M.D.

As an employer of at least 18 people, Mahmoud Khattab is the proud founder and CEO of Precision M.D., a medical-based business in Elk Grove, California. The business deals in various cosmetic services such as chemical peels, fillers, laser hair removal, and contouring. It helps to improve its customers’ self-confidence by giving them a better self-image through both surgical and non-surgical options. Find out more on Healthgrades

Mahmoud Khattab had the privilege of studying in some of the best educational institutions and thus gathered extensive knowledge and experience, which helped him successfully build Precision M.D. from scratch. In 1993, he graduated from the University of Damascus in Syria before enrolling as a medical intern at the prestigious Case Western Hospital, Cleveland.

It took Mahmoud Khattab more than three decades to build his business to where it is today. Starting with a rented office, Mahmoud personally hired the staff and bought the required equipment. Being a hands-on kind of businessman, Mahmoud has been in charge of the business’s day-to-day operations since it was founded. He attributes his success to the ability to focus primarily on his patients and employees. Mahmoud works hard to ensure that the patients are well taken care of and the employees are well equipped in a sound working environment. He also works out three to four days a week to take care of himself.

Mahmoud believes that the knowledge of what are industry trends is what makes a good CEO. California has strict policies regarding businesses, and Precision M.D. being located in California means that Mahmoud has to stay ahead of his competitors as much as possible while abiding by the state’s rules and regulations.

Khattab also a philanthropist, aims to reduce people’s pain as much as possible by having a competent team by his side whose focus is to improve the lives of his clients.

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