Laura Rea’s Journey Into International Cuisine

Today the world is more connected than ever before. Technology has allowed us to travel worldwide, communicate with someone across the world, and encourage growth and change. The growth in technology has spread information and boosted cultural boundaries to be explored.

The internet has made us learn about regional dishes that were once regional, entering the global spotlight. To Laura Rea Dickey, this idea is critical. As the CEO of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, she manages 550 franchise fronts in the United States. Since taking the Senior management position in 2016, she has expanded from Singapore to UAE.

Laura focuses on making use of technology to market the company for growth on the international market.

Barbecue traditionally has been diverse in the United States since time immemorial. For example, in North Carolina, the vinegar-based sauce is used on a whole hog, while in the south of Carolina, mustard is the primary profile of their sauce.

Even in Texas, the ingredients of a barbecue vary greatly. However, the Central Texas barbecue that dates back from the 1800s stands out. The method involved a pepper infusion on the smoky flavor to preserve the meat for longer periods.

This style is used by Travis Dickey and passed down generations later Roland Sr, who later handed it down, and later on, down the family tree, Laura Rea Dickey Net Worth joined the family business. Carving her path in marketing and eying a national push of the franchise, Laura was instrumental in growing the company in 500 locations from 100 in under four years. Her transformation of the company changed how the company viewed technology and information.

Later on, the company spread to Japan, and later on this year, the company spread to 110 locations that are to be launched in the oncoming years. Fifteen of these locations are set to open in Singapore and two new in Japan and Tokyo by Jason Lin Sunshine. Additionally, the company has also considered Botswana as a target market. Laura Rea Dickey has been featured on Forbes list and Wall Street journal. Click here for more information.


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