Insight into the Life of an Accomplished Serial Entrepreneur, Haroldo Jacobovicz

Haroldo Jacobovicz, a Brazilian civil engineer and entrepreneur, is dedicated to exploring the potential information technology (IT) holds. To pursue his passion, he has established several notable firms with time, including Horizons Telecom, established in 2010. The firm works to provide its clients with durable information tech solutions. The firm is respected across Brazil for its breakthrough systems and equipment.

Through this, their clients benefit from features such as 100 percent fiber network connection. Haroldo Jacobovicz oversaw the launching of another firm, Horizons Datacenter, in 2020. It is dedicated to enhancing cloud capabilities and connectivity to its clients. The serial entrepreneur has also founded another company called e-Governe Group.

Like Horizons Datacenter and Horizons Telecom, e-Governe Group also offers clients a solution for their technological problems. The three firms bring together strategic resources and talent to provide top-quality services to their clients in the tech sector. During an interview, he explained that things always catch his eye without much explanation. His natural intuition has helped him see and leverage employees’ talent to build his corporations.

He added that the talent helps him understand the market and business better, offer ideas, and assist in his work. His intuition also led to Haroldo Jacobovicz investing in Brazil’s first Hard Rock Café in 2013. The unorthodox decision was made after the initial investors pulled out.

To work the whole system, Haroldo Jacobovicz hired the team working at the business after his investment. After streamlining the Hard Rock Café, Haroldo Jacobovicz finally sold it to other investors in 2018. While his primary focus is on offering IT solutions to ventures, the entrepreneur also enjoys developing solutions to other challenges. His satisfaction is centered on people; he is happy when his innovative business solutions enhance people’s lives.

Background Details

The entrepreneur values education and states that he would have pushed his younger version to study more. To take up languages to help experience the diversity of cultures and interact with them easily.

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