Hughes Marino´s Jason Hughes: CEO, Owner, and Chairman Speaks on Majority Stake in Cleveland Clinic

Jason Hughes, CEO and Chairman of Hughes Marino, has taken on a new role as the majority stakeholder in Cleveland Clinic. This is the first time that this prestigious organization has been publicly traded. Jason Hughes´ goal for his company is to make it one of the top nationally-recognized construction firms in America – and Cleveland Clinic will help him get there! 


Hughes Marino already has over 3 billion in completed projects under its belt and $1.2 billion in current projects. Hughes Marino plans to expand even further with the addition of Cleveland Clinic, and Hughes wants to continue Hughes Marino’s excellent service and workmanship for years to come. Hughes Marino buyer representation firm is currently a national construction company that continues to grow, thanks mainly to successful entrepreneur Jason Hughes’ efforts as CEO and Chairman of Hughes Marino. 


Hughes was asked about the health care project that his company is currently working on at Cleveland Clinic: “The project we’re working on at Cleveland Clinic isn’t your typical hospital expansion project,” he said. “We’re not just building physical patient rooms or adding additional hospital beds here, Jason Hughes keeps on, We’re doing something much more revolutionary.” Hughes Marino and Cleveland Clinic have partnered to improve the patient experience.


They will achieve this by utilizing robots, 3D printing medical equipment, and other innovative technology. Hughes also mentioned that Hughes Marino would be bringing some of its services to the rest of Cleveland Clinic nationwide in the near future. Hughes Marino is excited to continue their work with Hughes as the majority stakeholder in Cleveland Clinic! Jason Hughes is well-known for his business acumen, and he plans to accomplish great things with Hughes Marino and Cleveland Clinic. Hughes has already started making his mark on the construction industry; now, it’s time for him to start making a difference in healthcare.

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