As a Lawyer Jessica Dean Enables Balance

The American legal system is based on the principle of “Innocent Until Proven Guilty.” This means that a person must be presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in court. However, this principle does not apply to corporations. A corporation is a legally recognized entity made up of one or more people that operates as a business venture instead of being controlled by one person. A corporation is free to enter into contracts and engage in other activities just like any other legal person, but it does not have the same immunity from prosecution as its members or shareholders. If you are dealing with a corporation and its officers or employees have done wrong, you may want to seek the advice of a lawyer rather than trying to handle matters on your own. 

1. Developing a Work Ethic

Jessica Dean learned the value of a job well done from both parents. Her father, a former construction worker, and her mother, a former nurse, and teacher all taught her the importance of hard work. While attending college, Jessica Dean worked part-time as a waitress in a local restaurant to earn money for tuition. She then worked at the local grocery store while studying law. After graduating from law school, Jessica Dean went to work as an attorney at a small firm in the area. She was responsible for handling all of their legal cases.

2. Developing an Expertise

Jessica Dean has been practicing law since 2005 when she first graduated from law school and started working for another attorney in his firm (Lawyer A). While working for Lawyer A, she gained valuable experience in dealing with corporations. She then went on to work for another one(Lawyer B) in his firm. Jessica Dean learned from each of these attorneys that corporate law can be a complex area of the law and there are many different types of corporations. 

Jessica Dean has a law degree and has been practicing law for over five years. She has gained experience in dealing with corporations, which enables her to offer her clients the best possible legal representation possible.

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