10 Things You Don’t Know About Entrepreneur Steph Korey

CEO Steph Korey of Away: 10 Things to Know about Her

She will not accept less

Steph Korey only hires the top talent. Therefore, she won’t employ you even if you score nine out of 10. She’d rather wait for a 10 out of ten. Because of this, her employees must take on more commitments.


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Rather than relying on academic knowledge, she prefers real experience

Obtaining a degree is great because you gain skills for whichever career you desire, but Steph thinks getting startup experience is better and calls it “startup grad school.”

Her final MBA tests were in a hotel

Steph’s interest has always been to develop leaders and strong teams, so she decided to pursue her masters. She concentrated on her study and took her final examinations late in a hotel room.

Why she resigned her post

According to The Verge, Steph Korey was in charge of a toxic environment. After reading the narrative, she apologized for her conduct. Allegations of a toxic work environment forced Steph, HTC’s Peter Chou, and Al Jazeera America’s Ehab Al Shihabi out.

Her apologies seemed hollow

Steph Korey demonstrated her incapacity to adapt by feigning resignation in January 2020, only to return as co-CEO. Steph stated she allowed erroneous reports to affect them, but they determined wrong.

Cyberbullying started when the story on toxic culture went viral

Some detractors advised Steph to terminate her unborn kid to prevent exposing it to the same harmful atmosphere as her colleagues. But fearing for her company’s survival, the brash CEO stepped down.

Before launching Away, she had a cheap suitcase

Steph used to carry cheap and damaged bags before becoming the CEO of a firm that sells beautiful suitcases. However, she likely chose inexpensive luggage due to a lack of better options on the market.

She grew her company using previous job expertise

On-the-job training, not a degree, is what Steph meant by that. From both Warby Parker and Casper Mattress, she must have learned how to run an internet store.

Her startup advice

Information is vital, and receiving input from as many people as possible about your product or service can help you grow your company.

She was raised to respect all cultures

Born to immigrant parents, Steph grew up knowing she was fortunate to be alive since others across the globe were not. Her passion for travel also helps her comprehend diverse cultures.


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