Why Shared Office Space is Becoming More Popular in Greater Manhattan


Companies large and small are increasingly using coworking and shared space. Coworking spaces are office spaces with shared facilities including telephone lines, internet, conference rooms and even secretaries. These spaces provide a professional environment for businesses who do not have the size and scope to own or lease their own space. Providers of these coworking spaces such as Workville have been expanding and have many locations do to the valuable benefits that they provide to their customers.


Coworking offices are useful for small and mid-sized businesses that are just starting out and don’t want to commit to a long-term lease, and for larger companies that are looking to expand into locations that do not require that they have extensive office presences such as small sales offices. Companies looking to expand into new markets will need to be aware that having a physical presence in a state, even through a shared office space, may trigger Nexus in that state which will require income tax reporting. However, if you are already looking to expand in that state a shared office space may do the trick.

Small businesses can save money by avoiding hiring secretaries, maintenance and other support staff, thereby lowering their overhead and avoiding the administrative hurdles associated with hiring additional employees and entering into a variety of different vendor contracts. Shared spaces like the ones that Workville allow their customers to use greatly simplified business models and allow the company’s staff members the time and ability to concentrate on growing and running their businesses and not their office spaces.


Typically, you want to go with a company that has lots of New York shared office spaces like Workville. A company like Workville also provides a streamlined process of leasing this office space through standard monthly lease agreements and are a well-run and easy option for leasing space for your business. Further their office amenities are top notch in the space and their facilities are safe and neat.

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