Why Diversant is a Trailblazer in the IT Recruitment Industry

Most IT firms find it difficult to get hold of the services of competent professionals due to the competent nature of the industry. Luckily, recruitment firms have emerged to help bridge this gap. Diversant is one of the largest IT recruitment firms. This Minority Owned Business Enterprise has gained popularity due its ability to partner IT firms with professionals who are well-vetted and trustworthy. The firm has similarly diversified its product portfolio so that it can address the needs of its clients in a more comprehensive manner.

Diversant is based in New Jersey. Nonetheless, it has opened offices in different locations throughout the US to serve its clients better. Its offices are in San Jose, North Carolina, Texas, Philadelphia, Iowa, Arizona, Minnesota, Atlanta, and New York. The firm opened these offices in a bid to bring its services closer to its clients. Grassroots presence enables the company to get into contact with competent individuals who are seeking employment in the IT sector. It then pairs them with firms that need their services.

Besides staff recruitment, Diversant offers a host of other professional and consultancy services. These include direct hire services, creative staff strategies, and staff extension. It utilizes the services of IT recruiters whose role is to pinpoint and vet jobseekers, who are then added to Diversant’s database. Whenever an employment opportunity comes up, the firm will link up the jobseekers with IT companies seeking to fill various vacancies. Diversant ensures that all its clients are placed in fulfilling jobs, which contribute to the overall advancement of their careers. It similarly negotiates contact extensions on their behalf.

Principal John Goullet’s Résumé

Mr. Goullet is Diversant’s Chairman, a position that puts him in charge of the firm’s day to day operations. John Goullet has had a remarkable career in the IT industry. After graduating from Ursinus College, he worked at a number of notable information technology firms including Cap Gemini, TSR Consultants, Edison, and Computer Sciences Corp. John’s entrepreneurial spirit saw him leave his lucrative job to start Info technologies in 1994. He led the firm into becoming one of the biggest IT staffing companies in the US. The firm merged with Diversant in 2011 to form Diversant LLC.

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