Why Dan Newlin Is Your Best Personal Injury Attorney

Dan Newlin is a well-known attorney when all matters related to personal injury are concerned. Throughout his professional career, he has only been involved in matters related to maintaining law and order. At the tender age of only twenty, he began working for the Indiana Police and Fire Department in New Chicago. He would later get a position with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office where he rose through the ranks to become a Sheriff’s Detective. While on the job, he was assigned numerous police details ranging from auto theft to narcotics and was able to help apprehend hundreds of dangerous criminals at the time.

When he was working as a fugitive detective, he was awarded for his exemplary commitment to his job by the United States Marshalls Office. In 1997, he applied and got accepted into law school and graduated in 2000. Today, he has permits to provide legal services in both Chicago and Illnois and is well known for his fighting spirit in the courtroom. He is among the few personal injury attorneys who have always shown total commitment when matters related to ensuring that their clients get the most deserved compensation are concerned.

He has so far been able to win more than 150 million dollars for his injury and accident victims and has grown his office from just a desk and a secretary to one of the biggest and most respected in Florida and Illinois. The office has more than eighteen experienced attorneys in different specialties and not less than seventy-five employees in total. Together with his team, they practice auto accidents, medical negligence, construction accidents, auto accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death as well as people charged for crimes they did not commit.

His firm also opened a branch in Chicago as of August 2014 to serve the citizenry of the place as well. The best thing with Dan and his team is the fact that they do not charge any fees for consultation. Any money that the client is supposed to part with during the representation is in instances where official records might be needed, and they require money to be processed. He has always maintained a strong principle that all his clients should only pay for services after their cases have been won.

When matters involved with being technological and up to date are concerned, Dan and his team are not left behind. He recently entered into a deal with four major telecommunication companies so as to have his customized #Dan abbreviation accepted as a phone number. This is to enable easier access to his attorney services to a bigger number of the population. Different with other long phone numbers that one has to remember off-head, his abbreviation is simple and easy to remember.

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