Vik Bansal's Contribution to Australian Investments

Vik Bansal, the CEO of Cleanaway company, has impacted the population in Australia through the waste management company. The company has converted waste materials into a more valuable resource. Cleanaway has enabled the government of Australia to shift financial resources from waste management to infrastructure investments and invention and innovation. It helps in providing appropriate solutions to the materials for the Australian government.

Vik Bansal’s company Cleanaway has provided a possible sustainability solution to Australia’s people who generate more than 67 million tonnes of waste materials yearly. The problem created earlier was where the rubbish was to be taken after being collected in the recycling bins. The situation got worse in 2017 after China banned more than 20 recyclable waste. The China market was the chief importer of many types of recyclable waste materials. Australia, which mostly depended on China, was left in confusion, not knowing where to take these recyclable materials that were piling up.

The Cleanaway company has come up with long term measures to curb this problem. Through Vik Bansal InfraBuild as their CEO, there is the construction of a new facility that will offer recycling services. This company is located in Wodonga and is fully funded by Environmental Trust, among the NSW Government Waste Less, Recycle More campaign. This new facility will have the ability to process more than 28,000 tonnes of plastic into pellets that beverage and food manufacturing industries can use as raw materials.

Bansal’s Cleanaway has container collections that can handle a high volume of recyclable materials. The new facility will join with the company to ensure a high demand for pellets. This collaboration will enable the generation of more raw materials that are valuable.

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