Victoria Doramus, The Public Relations And Marketing Professional

The University of Colorado Boulder alum, Victoria Doramus has held many titles at various capacities over the course of her professional career. Victoria has been a project manager, market research, and analyst as well as budgeting and recruiting network manager. The media sector and creative marketing guru is also heavily involved in many charitable foundations.

Victoria, in 2007 was responsible for analyzing and documenting international trends in marketing and analyzing marketing reports during her time at Creative Artists Agency. During this time at Creative Artist Agency, Victoria also wrote articles for trend analysis focused publications Trend Central and The Cassandra Report. Victoria would continue writing and formulate various marketing project for several upscale newspapers, magazines and marketing journals.

In 2009, according to, Victoria continued providing various marketing related solutions by contributing to projects as a writer for the Huffington Post, Jane Buckingham, and for Century of Fashion and What’s Next. Victoria also spent time working at Trendera. During her time at Trendera, Victoria was responsible for forging new client relationships and the construction of marketing campaigns and the acquisition of new business opportunities. In addition, Victoria was responsible for supervising all contract workers, and the production of market specific products and how these related to various lifestyle trends. During her time at Trendera, Victoria was also responsible for building the company’s social network presence.

In 2012, Victoria decided to continue her learning process by attending and completing contemporary designing courses, which focused on the historical aspects associated with designing, at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London. Victoria Doramus was also the personal assistant for the film director Perter Berg, where she was responsible for the coordination and managerial solutions for contractors in New York and Los Angeles.

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