Top of the Town Residential

New York real estate is well into the second month of the 2016 selling year. Recently the Daily News published an article with 8 predictions for this year’s New York real estate market. Although he predicted the year to be a dynamic year, he states that there will be changes. The first prediction was that there would be a cooling of prices resulting from a gradual rise in interest rates. Second, deals will continue to happen, although more complicated to put together and close. A third prediction was that buyers will take longer to make their decisions. Fourth, sellers with realistic pricing will see results and sellers with unrealistic pricing will be stuck on the market and eventually have to drop their prices. Fifth, prime locations will be more important as sellers bank on safe bets in prime neighborhoods. Sixth, baby boomers will begin to move back into the city as they downsize to be near family. Seventh, rental incentives will begin to tempt potential buyers. Lastly, as new luxury condos in Manhattan continue to grow, the properties currently on the market will linger.


With these predictions in mind, if you are considering purchasing or selling Town Residential should be at the top of your list. Town has a team that is unmatched in industry and product knowledge. Whatever area of New York you are looking for, they have you covered. The agents at Town Residential know the neighborhoods, as they specialize in specific areas. The agents at Town Residential have a sense of community as they represent the areas where they live and work. You won’t be just a client, you’ll be a potential neighbor.


Town Residential boasts the top talent in the industry. If moving to New York, this is the firm that will get to know you and help you to understand New York. As a result, they will help you find the specific area in which you will be comfortable living. If you are buying or selling, then of course you want a professional that considers New York as “my town”.

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