The Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft is an American Veteran who has succeeded in his business career. This famous entrepreneur has several investments and holdings, including New England Patriots, Gillette Stadium, Boston Uprising, Rand-Whitney Group, New England Revolution, and other more venture and private equity investments.

He pursued his academic career at Columbia University under a scholarship and Harvard Business School, where he graduated with a master’s degree in business administration. Immediately after completing his academic endeavors, he started building and pursuing his business career by launching a packaging operation in 1968. He bought several Boston radio stations in his business investment journey, which contributed to his experience and success as a businessman with a pioneering spirit.

Robert Kraft had a passion for environmental conservation, which contributed to founding International Forest Products (IFP). Later on, the International Forest Products amounted to something more significant, and the Kraft Group was born. Kraft Group is a diverse holding company headquartered in Foxborough that majors in different fields, including paper manufacturing and distribution, sports and entertainment, construction and real estate, private equity and venture investing, environmental sustainability, and philanthropy.

The Robert Kraft Group is founded on quality values, including high integrity, positive relationship, teamwork, hard work, and philanthropy. The spirit of philanthropy culture of Kraft Group originates from Kraft and his family. Kraft and his family understand and believe in giving back to the community through acts of charity. He has supported various charity causes, including healthcare, youth sports, child and women empowerment, and several American and Israeli programs. Go to this page for additional information.

Owning the Patriots also started as a passion for American football. Since he was young, Robert Kraft was a loyal fan of the Patriots, and later, he bought the club. In addition to owning several holdings, Robert is also currently on the Board of Directors of Viacom and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.


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