The Rise Of Eucatex

A long journey starts with one step and this has been evidenced by the substantial growth of what was once an idea. Eucatex is a company with its corporate headquarters located in Sao Paulo in Brazil that specializes in manufacturing various wood products such as paints, doors, floors, wall partitioning, panels, hardboards and thin high density fiberboard (T-HDF). They also deal with eucalyptus seedlings as a way of ensuring that people plant as many trees as possible.

The company is led by Flavio Maluf as the chief executive officer of the company since April 29, 2005. He also holds the position of board of executive officers chairman. He studied his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Fundacao Armando Alvare Penteado (FAAP) from where he joined Citi Bank in Newyork and Sistema before joining Eucatex.

The history of Eucatex dates back in 1951 when it began its operations before opening a panel factory in Salto in 1954 with a special focus in selling products from eucalyptus fibers. It was the first business of the kind in the whole of Brazil where it started by manufacturing softboards and shortly afterwards expanded to ceiling tiles and panels.

The business experienced a faster growth which enabled it to expand its range of products as well as its territory to Argentina’a Buenos Aires. By 1965, the company had managed to increase its production capacity which prompted the company to seek more market such as Europe where they started exporting the products. The business was too good that they opened offices in various countries such as Germany, Mexico, Holland, United Kingdom and United States. They further expanded by opening another factory in Santo which enabled them to start yet another products such as paint, varnishes and panels.

The progress story continued and in 2010, the company started producing high technology panels used to manufacture doors and other furniture. The company attained its 60th anniversary in 2011 being the leading company in the manufacturing of doors, paints, hardboards among other products. It also expanded its market and productivity to a total of 37 countries and four modern factories respectively.

The company has ensured that its commercial dealings do not affect the environment and the society at large through cutting of trees for their production. It has therefore embarked on various projects to ensure that the environment is conserved. It also ensures that there is recycling of waste product as way of preserving the environment. They also engage in large scale planting of eucalyptus trees which they later use for their production.

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