The Paint Producing Giant In Brazil: Eucatex has written that Eucatex is a paint producing company that is currently the seventh largest paint company in Brazil with an overall market share of three percent but has a short term objective of increasing it to five percent of the total paint and coatings market. Eucatex is the first Brazilian company to incorporate eucalyptus as a raw material in the manufacture of panels and ceiling tiles. For sustainability, the company has a constant supply of raw materials from its 44 hectares of forest in São Paulo state. As a company that values preservation of the environment, its endeavors have been recognized worldwide including international certification ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as well as the Green Seal rewarded by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). FSC is a corporation that keeps an eye on forests to ensure that standards regarding the environment, society and economic are followed.

As paint producing company that has a construction and furniture industry of its own, Eucatex invests in wood waste recycling to minimize pollution of the environment. The company is always attentive to programs that influence the preservation of the environment and in forests for that matter. Among the feed materials used for recycling are wood chips, pallets, pedaceiras and rubble construction. Earlier this year, Eucatex sponsored a documentary titled ‘slab of Dreams’ that was aimed at being publicized in Brazil to preserve Marine State Park of Laje de Santos in São Paulo state. Thanks to Flavio Maluf, the company has gone worldwide and been acknowledge for producing quality products to satisfy the needs of customers. Since 1997 when he became its president, the mechanical engineer cum businessman has used his prowess to bring the best out of the company.

The company produces a broad range of products that has seen it export to various countries across the world. The Furniture Industry at Eucatex has one of the leading suppliers of wood fiber plates and MDP. These products are used to manufacture residential furniture and are made with advanced systems and the latest technology. Eucafloor, the company’s laminating floor comprises of Classic, Prime, Rustic, Evidence, and Elegance. The Eucatex doors are made to withstand for long, and their beauty is one of a kind. The four lines used to market their doors include Base Painting, formidur BP, Eucadur, and Eucaplac. Not to mention its paint that is produced in a wide variety to make a quality finish to any work. The paints segment is composed of Eucatex lines Premium and Peg & Paint.

In 2007, Eucatex’s paint segment accounted for 15 percent of paints and coatings sales an increase from the previous year that was 12 percent. It was in 1995 when the company started producing paints and coatings for its use in the manufacture of fiberboards.

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