The Investment and Finance Titan: Peter Briger

Most people across the globe say that experience is sometimes overrated. However, it should be noted that experience is equally significant compared to any other factor in an individual’s career. Peter Briger, a titan in the investment and finance industry is one of the most recognized top business professionals in the world. He happens to enjoy over twenty years in foreign investments, estates business and in the loan industry. Before he joined Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger had worked at Goldman Sachs for almost 15 years.

At the Goldman Sachs, Peter worked in various leadership positions including capital investment as well as in real estate ventures. He became a shareholder in the company before he made his decision to move to Fortress Investment Group as a management committee member in 2002. In the Fortress Investment Group, Peter found his way up the ranks and later became a board member in 2006. In 2009 he was elected as the co-chairperson for the company. Currently, Peter Briger works as the end of real estate and the head of the credit management section in Fortress Investment Group.

Under the leadership of this great titan, Fortress Investment Group has since witnessed significant growth making it the best real estate company found the United States. The company is headquartered in New York City. The clientele base of the firm includes, but not limited to, corporate officials, institutions, and private groups. Under his management, the company is currently managing over $70billion worth of assets. Peter Briger has been featured in the Forbes Top 400 Wealthiest Businessmen in 2007. In addition to his career, Peter Briger is also a member of the Tipping Point Board of Directors. Tipping Point is a Non-Profit Organization, which aims at supporting the financially challenges resident in San Francisco. Along with Eisgruber pert and Provost Lee, Briger took part in the formation of Princeton University Investment Company which is based in Princeton University. The key objective of this company was to encourage and grow entrepreneurship skills among the students and alumni of the University.

His Charity Initiatives

Peter Briger is a leader in the Silicon Valley Council. This is an organization that funds children from different parts of the world. The Titan has as well invested a lot of money in conserving central park. Along with fellow alumni, Peter Briger gave a lot of gifts to the alma mater in the year 2015 with an aim to promote a pilot funding program. Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund was formed to help various graduates who wanted to form companies or take the entrepreneurship path.

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