The Busy Life Of Thor Halvorssen

The Tireless Advocate

Thor Halvorssen is a man with a busy life. As president of the Human Rights Foundation he leads on the world’s most important activist organizations around. As the name implies the Human Rights Foundation deals with some of the world’s most serious issues. Dictatorships, slavery, threats to democracy, and human trafficking are the sort of problems Halvorssen handles.

When Corruption Strikes Home

Naturally he needs to stay highly motivated to handle his responsibilities. Given the impact the authoritarian regime of Venezuela has had on his personal life that’s probably easy for him. Halvorssen has seen his father incarcerated as a political prisoner and his mother killed by supporters of Hugo Chavez. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

Despite this Halvorssen continues the often dangerous work involved in defending human rights and simply accepts this as another aspect of his life. His personal experience with brutal dictators gives him pithy insight into life without human rights.

The Price He Pays

Dictators and human traffickers are generally willing to take any steps necessary to keep their power firmly in their grasp. This naturally tends to include the use of physical force, incarceration, and sabotage to tame any resistance. In the 12 years he has headed the Human Rights Foundation Halvorssen has encountered his fair share of danger. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

During a trip to Vietnam to interview a prominent Buddhist critic of the Vietnamese government Halvorssen was arrested and placed in jail by authorities. Eventually he managed to secure his freedom when he convinced the police he had plans to convert to Buddhism, but this did not happen before the Vietnamese police beat him a number of times.

Turning Tragedy Into Success

The year 2004 was a bittersweet year for Thor Halvorssen. In March 2004 Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation where he has produced much of his life’s most important work. Later on in that year he experienced one of the most devastating tragedies of his life as well.

According to Forbes, in August 2004 Hilda Mendoza, the mother of Thor Halvorssen, was gunned down by supporters of Hugo Chavez. While many would have cowered after experiencing such a loss Halvorssen did not. He continues to fight against the dictatorships of Venezuela and countries across the world.

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