The Art of Filling Needs with Edgard Corona and SmartFit

Edgard Corona owns companies such as SmartFit and Bio Ritmo. These companies have become highly popular with the people in the areas they operate, which include places like Mexico, Brazil, and the surrounding countries as well. Some have even spread beyond that area.

The original idea for companies like Bio Ritmo was simply that Brazil didn’t have nearly as many gyms as in places like America which had one the highest instances of gyms in terms of population. While there were some in Brazil’s cities, there was often a real dearth of them in any other area, Edgard Corona soon discovered.

For example, Mexico has 3 percent of its population with gym memberships. Some estimations for the U.S. Have it closer to 17 percent. Therefore, Edgard Corona saw the need and then moved to fill it. He was so successful at this approach, that he actually opened another line of gyms called Smart Fit.

This company was even able to survive well during the pandemic. Enough people had subscriptions, that Edgard Corona was able to keep his companies solvent and working during complete lockdowns where he had to physically close all of his gyms.

The way he did it is by being flexible, something he had learned when he was originally growing his Bio line of gyms. Instead of lamenting the fact that the gyms had to close, he had people under his employ making fitness videos that streamed to his customers with subscriptions. These videos guided his customers in fitness routines they could use even if they were stuck at home.

They could do these routines with regular household items that they could find lying about the house. So, he turned what seemed like a negative thing to his advantage. The pandemic simply created another need when people couldn’t leave. Edgard filled that new need with SmartFit. Edgard Corona’s: Facebook Page.

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