The AHBE Sues AIG In Pending Civil Case

Recently the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment organization in partnership with former NBA franchise icon and team owner, Bruce Levenson have filed a civil action lawsuit against insurance and investing company, AIG. The basis for the claim lies with the parting of Danny Ferry from the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment group, after which he moved for a settlement claim which Mr. Levenson and his myriad associates believed was covered via the AIG insurance plan which had been purchased.

Serious problems arose, however, when the insurance company, AIG, claimed that Mr. Ferry’s settlement claims were in fact, not covered under the stated plan. At all. Despite the AHBE and Mr. Levenson’s protestations, AIG refused to pay even a single cent to Mr. Ferry. When these negotiations failed and it became clear that AIG firmly intended to tow the line Bruce Levenson, a former Law School student, decided that there was nothing for it but to file a civil action law suit.

Thus far the current administration has not commented upon the affair other than to distance themselves from it. The reason for this is that neither Mr. Ferry nor Mr. Bruce Levenson are any longer associated in a professional capacity with the NBA nor the Atlanta Seahawks more specifically. Due to this fact, it is not really a matter which the Seahawk’s current owner Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler (who took over after Levenson) has or should have any say in. Thus is stands to reasons that Ressler would want to distance himself from the affair until it is firmly settled in court. There is, as yet, no specifically stated time frame for the cases’ court dates nor has there been a specific figure named or released in regards to Ferry’s settlement.


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