Telereal Trillium Makes Waves with Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards has become a well known name in the property management industry in England. He has been the chief executive officer at Telereal Trillium Ltd since the very beginning of the company in 2001. Having worked at several companies throughout his career, Graham’s expertise is a definite asset. He has worked to gain the company over 6,000 properties and things are getting better and better for the company.

With high hopes for the future, Graham Edwards earned a degree in economics from the prestigious Cambridge University located in England. He has had a hand earning high sums of money for companies such as the Department for Work and Pensions. With hundreds of employees, Graham proves his skill in business as well as with personnel (

There are many professional boards and committees in England and it is says a lot about the professional life of anyone in attendance. Graham is an active member on several boards throughout the country including the UK Society of Investment Professionals. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Professionals. These boards are well known and are highly sought after in England’s professional circles.

Graham certainly puts his degree in economics to work and is constantly interested in bettering himself. He is enrolled at King’s College London to pursue a degree in International Relations. This degree will allow him to learn about foreign affairs in his area of interest, the Middle East. Education doesn’t have to stop for professional success and Graham believes in higher learning. In addition to education, Graham loves to stay privy to topics such as engineering and real estate.

Graham Edwards is a model of a successful businessman who utilized his education and his experiences as reputable companies all over England to his advantage. He also has a hand in philanthropic work and has joined several charities. Graham Edwards would make an outstanding mentor for those looking to emulate his expertise in business. All those who are interested in learning more about the company are encouraged to take a look at the company’s website.








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