Technology Transforms the Correctional Departments

Rick Smith, Securus Technologies’ Executive Chair, is an internationally recognized investor as well as a tech expert. Rick Smith’s professionalism generates a series of service in different administrative positions. In the previous years, Rick Smith worked at different companies in different segments. Some of the firms that have contributed to the enrichment of Rick’s management skills include the Frontier Corporation and Eschelon Telecom. Under Rick’s instructions at Eschelon Telecom, the revenue of the company increased tremendously from $30 million to more than $350 million. Later in 2005, Rick Smith guided the organization to a profitable and significant IPO in the industry. Mr. Smith’s past achievements compelled him to commence venturing in Securus Technologies and transform the company into a top-notch enterprise in its sector.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Securus, Rick Smith plays essential roles of the company particularly in the management system. He plays roles in the overseeing of all of the company’s daily operations. Additionally, Rick Smith organizes and participates in campaigns that advocates for the expansion of Securus as well as the development and execution of its plans. Since Rick Smith’s attainment of the leadership post at the organization, Securus Technologies has experienced consistent growth throughout the years. The most interesting of Securus achievement is the company’s investments that sum to approximately $600 million for the advancement of various technological solutions offered to its customers. With the help of Mr. Smith, Securus Technologies has signed many partnership agreements with prestigious groups in the corrections sector. The most notable factor that puts Securus Technologies on the top priority list in collaboration with other companies is its authenticity. Rick Smith championed for the company’s certification by the acquisition of the firm’s license for its innovative and practical tech solutions.

Additionally, Securus Technologies is recognized for its unique culture that strengthens entrepreneurship and teamwork among the staff. According to Rick Smith, cooperation brings the unity that then creates consistency in the generation of exclusive services for the clients. Over the years, Rick Smith has led Securus Technologies in its market segment thus winning the heart of many individuals’ especially incarcerated people, correctional executives and public safety agencies. Due to the organization’s unique elements, Securus Technologies is highly rated throughout its niche and all over the world. Also, correctional facilities have stemmed their smooth operations to Securus Technologies under the management of Rick Smith. The company is the most reputable organization known for the realization of its mission in the creation of a secure environment through the reduction of crime cases. Besides previous successes, Rick Smith maintains his focus for the improvement of the company’s services. Recently, Rick Smith acquired JPay for the enhancement of money transfer models in various correctional facilities. The acquisition of JPay will provide transformation to the sector over a short period.

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