Susan McGalla Is The Epitome Of A Successful Businesswoman

Never underestimate the drive of an intelligent businesswoman. In a world where a glass ceiling still exists, it is not always an easy journey to climb the ladder. There are woman are working to change the status quo, one step at a time. Whether by running an owning their own business or by working their way up to become a business executive, women are making many contributions to the world of business.

Susan McGalla is the epitome of a successful businesswoman that had to overcome numerous seemingly insurmountable obstacles to reach her status as a powerful business executive.
When the Joseph Horne Company first employed McGalla, she had to learn how to be versatile. Learning on her feet, she worked in a varied capacity over the course of her eight years with the company in both marketing and management positions.

Next, she embarked on a career at American Eagle Outfitters in 1994. At the time the brand was mostly considered a brand targeted towards a male demographic. She toiled away and soon her efforts were fruitful and eventually lead to her becoming to chief merchandising officer and president of the brand years later. At 41 she made for a quite a young president of such an expansive brand. From overseeing the marketing strategy to the extensive designs, McGalla helped shaped the brand to appeal to both a male and female demographic that offers denim and active wear to a primarily teens and twenty-somethings. The brand is quite popular; nearly every mall has one. The chain is practically synonymous for affordable denim that is durable and trendy. As president of the brand McGalla witnessed the unveiling of the chain’s aerie brand.

Not one to rest on the laurels of success, McGalla launched her own company P3 Executive Consulting. With her expansive knowledge of the world of business, she is well respected in the world of consulting. McGalla is currently the Pittsburgh Steeler’s Director of Strategic Planning and Growth.

The world of business needs to recognize the efforts of strong businesswomen. It is well known that in many sectors of business and industry, women are not paid as well as their male counterparts. This statistic holds true from the entertainment industry to the oil industry, and just about every kind of industry imaginable. America has made so many advances, but still struggles to give women equal footing with their male counterparts. A businesswoman that can jump through all the hoops and climb the career ladder is indeed a resilient and admirable individual. McGalla is an exemplary example of a smart businesswoman that brought exceptional ideas to the table. She has stated that she was raised to think of herself as a “person” not as a businesswoman. Perhaps that is the key, to an equal playing field. We should hold people accountable for their ideas and the level of creativity that they bring to the table. McGalla brought game changing ideas that transformed major brands and then set out to provide her own executive consulting services. Her journey illustrates that hard work and a strong vision can result in a vibrant career.

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