Susan McGalla Builds Brands

Susan McGalla is one of the women that I draw inspiration from. I think she has done an excellent job as a CEO and a independent consultant over the years. She has managed to show her skills in the area of marketing and this has made her a successful business woman that others can look up to.


There are not a lot of women in the a business industry that manage to crack the glass ceiling to accomplish a position as prestigious as CEO. Susan is one of these people that has done it twice. She has shown her strength in marketing and building brands at American Eagle and Wet Seal.


Currently she works as the creative director for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Much of the work she does has a lot to do with building a brand. In order for her to get started with this she brgan with perspective of fans. She tapped into revamping the Pittsburgh Steelers fan gear.


I believe that she has the experience in marketing to help any company build a brand. She knows what it takes two get customers out in stores to buy. She knows what will not work when it comes to trying to satisfy the needs of a mainstream audience. I believe that Susan could thrive in a high-level manager position in any organization because she understands the fundamental building of brands. She knows that customer loyalty has to be developed.


I also know that it is important to have a price scale that actually fits the business model for the people that you are marketing to. That is where I think a lot of companies fail because the prices for products may not particularly meet the prices consumers are expecting to pay. American Eagle brought millennials clothing they could afford.


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