Some Things You Should Ask A Remodeling Team Before Writing Them A Check

When I remodeled my house last year, I was sort of shocked when I started meeting with designers. Shocked by the total disregard for my concerns, in favor of their own ideas.

I couldn’t believe that people I was paying to set up my home the way that I wanted, were denying my ideas in favor of their own design standards. That’s when I realized, some designers are much better to work with than others. I also figured out some questions that I really wish I’d asked beforehand, to avoid the headache down the line.

First off being, do they have a signature style. This can be good or bad. Some designers are known for a particular thing, and they’re going to want to include that in your home. Know this going in, otherwise you can end up butting heads over how your home needs to be remodeled.

How do they charge? Another major question, because some designers charge for materials, and the cost of labor. While others only charge labor, and include materials in those costs.

Which project management services do they provide? Another great question, because this makes life so much easier when they provide a lot of services. The right project management means they will work out any licensing issues, and provide contractors for the work involved.

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