Slyce Leaves Retailers Buzzing

Slyce is once again amazing retailers with their line of new visual search technology. They had the privilege of introducing many of their visual search products to retailers from October 5 to October 7, 2015, at Yahoo! Finance furnished a brief synopsis of some of the company’s new technology that has retailers buzzing.

The company’s recent success with Craves that allows users who fall in love with an outfit on popular social media platforms like Pinterest and find them at retailers already had many looking forward to new developments from this company, and they were not disappointed.

New from the company is the Universal Scanner that allows users to upload a photo of an item they desire and locate a matching or similar item at retailers. This new app gives users plenty of choices of how they want to upload information that they desire, because they can upload QR codes, real world photos and barcodes.

Retailers realize that a customer that has a coupon is often much more likely to buy that item, along with others once they enter a store. Therefore, many retailers are especially excited about Slyce’s Snap-to-Coupon that reminds users that they have a coupon whenever they travel near a participating merchant that sells that item. Of course, once a customer is in the store, they can also often be enticed to spend even more.

Retailers know that it is impossible to have every item in stock at all times. Yet, this often results in retailers losing a sale. The percentage of times that this happens will drop drastically thanks to Slyce’s Out-of-Stock Mitigation Tool that alerts customers to similar items that are in stock.

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