Shiny Beautiful Hair With WEN

Everyone wants smooth and shiny hair. To wake up and not have to battle the frizzes and tangles would be a dream for most. Some of us resort to chopping off our hair into an easy to care for style, while some of us are left buying up all of the hair products from the salon or drugstore without finding any great improvement in the quality or condition of the hair. Fortunately there is a solution to these problems, and it is called Wen by Chaz Dean.
WEN is a revolutionary hair care system that treats hair problems from the inside out. Instead of remedying a problem it truly treats the problem by going to the source. Regular shampoos strip the hair of natural oils leaving a frizzy dry mess that can only be treated by adding back a greasy conditioner. WEN is different, WEN cleanses the hair with natural botanical oils, cleaning it instead of stripping it, and leaving the hair’s oils intact. Wen is available on Amazon.

Beauty writer Emily McClure decided to test the product herself and give readers an in depth review and a look behind the scenes so readers could see how WEN worked on a fine haired person. Emily tried the product for a week and gave readers pictures truly give a look at how the product effected her hair. The results were phenomenal. After just one wash with WEN Emily’s hair appeared shiny, glossy, full of golden color and vibrant.

Emily found that using the product was much different than using a regular shampoo. The WEN did not lather like a typical shampoo, and while she moved the product through her hair in the shower her hair felt much thicker in her hands. These tiny differences in the application of the product are what make the difference.

For more info, Visit the Wen YouTube channel and check out the Wen website:


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