Securus Technologies Unveils New Voice Searching Technology and BICS Certification

Securus Technologies has unveiled the first software that allows investigators to pick an inmate’s voice and perform searches against its phone call database. According to a news release published by PRNewswire on September 7, the civil and criminal justice technology solutions provider announced that it had unveiled “Investigator Pro 4” software from its JTL Technologies division. Following the release, investigators can now single out the voice of an inmate and the party on the other end and perform matches with previous voice conversations. This will also allow investigators to find out whether the inmate is talking to released inmates or previously incarcerated inmates.

More crucially, the voice data obtained can help uncover nefarious activities, hitherto unknown to the justice system. The COO of JTL Technologies, Mr. Michael Kester told reporters that Investigator Pro 4 will bring into the forefront, the capabilities of biometrics in mapping and stopping crime on its tracts. In acknowledging Securus’ unrelenting efforts to augment law enhancement by means of technology and skill development; eleven field specialists from Securus were honored with BICSI Installer 1 Certification, a report by PRNewswire indicates. Building Industry Consulting Service (BICSI) is an international body that supports ICT.

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About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a BBB accredited company that provides advanced security solutions for public safety, monitoring and corrections with the aim of enhancing law enforcement. According to Crunchbase, Securus solutions serve a market of over 2,500 correctional facilities in 45 states and DC in the US and other North American countries. In an effort to expand a new line of service offerings, the Dallas, TX based company announced in April, 2015 that it is acquiring JPay. According to the report published by PRNewswire, the move will help Securus explore the benefits of electronic payments, educational apps and entertainment apps in the corrections settings.



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