Sam Tabar: An Investor’s Best Friend


When people are looking to invest their money, whether it be real estate, commercial projects, stocks, or savings,  they are always concerned with who will be overseeing the investment and getting the best returns. But maybe you’re thinking something a little different. Sure you’ve got a couple investment properties, maybe a commercial project, and your portfolio might include that mutual fund. But maybe you’re thinking you’d like to learn more about other ways to invest. Maybe you’re ready to talk hedge funds. If this is the case,  Sam Tabar will be your best friend because of his excellent advice and seemingly Midas touch when it comes to hedge funds, Sam has worked with numerous investors around the world offering both financial advice and legal counsel regarding a variety of issues related to getting the most out of hedge funds.

 A graduate of England’s Oxford University, Sam earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honors. From there, he ventured on to law school and attended the Ivy League’s Columbia Law School. It was there that his interest in financial advising and management began, prompting him to be named Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. By earning a law degree, Sam determined having both a law degree and a background in finance would allow him to understand all aspects of hedge funds.

After graduation, Sam took his talents to one of the world’s best law firms that specialize in financial issues including hedge funds. Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP brought Sam in as an Associate and immediately recognized the talent they had in their midst. Working with a variety of clients on a daily basis, Sam provided legal counsel on many important aspects of hedge funds including formation and structure, different types of management agreements, compliance issues and financial regulations pertaining to hedge funds and similar investments. Working with Skadden until 2004, Sam decided that while he enjoyed the many aspects of being an attorney, his education and experience could best be used as a hedge fund manager. Thus, he decided to accept an offer from the Sparx Group, a highly-regarded investment firm around the world.

It only took a few months for Sam to show what he was capable of doing when put in the proper position to do so.  After meeting with countless investors, he presented the firm with almost 2,500 names of qualified investors and potential investors with which the firm should meet with to determine their interest. With this kind of passion for his career and an uncanny ability to make all the right decisions, Sam Tabar seems to be in a position to write his own success story, although it appears that he’s already covered on that note-check out the article just released on Sam Tabar’s guide to 2015 investments.

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