SahmAdrangi Successfully Exploits the Short Sale

SahmAdrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009 after honing his analytical skills at Deutsche Bank and Longacre Management. One of Adrangi’s talents is researching short position opportunities. He first gained attention by shorting a number of fraudulent Chinese companies.

Adrangi is now poised to capitalize on his reputation as someone who can recognize short selling opportunities. Through his hedge fund, Kerrisdale Capital Management, Andrangi is in the process of creating a unique “co-investment” fund.

Although hedge funds will sometimes raise money to focus on a specific investment niche, it is believed that this is the first time a fund has been created specifically to invest in shorting the stock of a specific public company. Adrangi is seeking to raise $100 Million dollars in a short period of time. His concept seems to have piqued the interest of investors as the fund has raised a significant piece of that capital.

Although to targeted company remained unnamed as of this writing, it is said to be worth over $10 Billion. Adrangi and his analysts are focused on creating a presentation designed to convince investors that the fund’s insights with respect to the target company are correct. In order to establish its position, the fund has already started buying stock in that target company.

Adrangi is actively involved in managing all aspects of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Although small by New York standards, they manage about $500 million dollars. This current play is consistent with their penchant for finding companies that they can make money betting against.

Kerrisdale does not make all of its money shorting stocks, its main fund, Globalstar, does short as well as more traditional investing. The fund has returned an average of approximately 28% annually over the last five years. Known as one of the most aggressive investors on wall street, Adrangi has come a long way since he graduated from Yale University with his Bachelor of Arts in Economics.


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