Ryan Seacrest: Jack Of All Trades

Ryan Seacrest is known all across the world as the 15-season host of the most popular singing show on TV, American Idol. He spent so much time being the host of the famous show that he quickly became known as “That guy from American Idol”. This didn’t affect Ryan Seacrest, though. He has reportedly admitted that he loves the show and would do it for the rest of his life if he could. Ryan is most definitely extremely grateful for the opportunity that he had to host the show that launched him into his own personal stardom.

After leaving the American Idol show, Ryan took a few stabs at other gigs. Most of them failed and he eventually took the advice of many others who have been in a similar situation before. The situation was having to leave his beloved show and losing a part of himself because of it. The advice was to not rush into things and to let them play out. The advice was a bit harsh but comforting at the same time. He was a bit leery to pursue anything outside of Los Angeles. However, that is what gave him his career back along with another great opportunity.

In an article from the New York Times, the opportunity came from his longtime friend Kelly Ripa. The two worked together when Ryan decided to visit New York to try things out on the “Live” show with Kelly and Ryan. After a few successful episodes, Ryan decided that it was time to move on from the Los Angeles scene and pursue his new career in New York with his “big sister”. Kelly has described their relationship as co-hosts to be that of siblings with her being the big sister. To get to New York, Ryan had to first let down the mental walls that he had set up in his mind that kept telling him to not leave Los Angeles. But once he did, he found success again.

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) has since then continued riding the success train. He has his own non-profit company called the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. He also has his own fashion line named “Distinction”.

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