Richard Liu Lifestory and Remarkable progress as a Computer programmer

Richard Liu is a establisher. The firm was formerly known as 360buy Ltd and Jingdong. Since 20004, Richard has served as the CEO and chairman of the company. He was brought up in Chang’an, the village on the outskirts of Jiangsu province in China. The village had no electricity or running water. His parent were Chinese merchants, wealthy, and they sold goods at Yangtze River. However, his parent lost their wealth and switched to working on the rice farm.

Richard Liu was left to look after his grandmother as his parent left for work. He learned how to cook meals using corn and sweet potatoes. His grandmother also bribed meat vendors on special occasions to get the fattest part of pork. They used the with the residual fat other meals throughout the years. Despite his poor background, Richard had a great ambition to be the head of his village. He led his classmate in primary school in gathering in a government building where they saw electricity working in their village for the first time. He also had the ambition to travel to Paris, Beijing, and New York.

After high school, he applied to enroll in a university in cities such as Shanghai and Beijing. He got a chance to join Renmin University, a prestigious university. Despite getting to the university, his family was unable to pay for his bus ticket to school. The villagers contributed for him to fly to Beijing. Those who didn’t have money gave him eggs. He pursued a career in sociology at the university. He also learned computer programming himself and got a job at a cyber to handwrite documents and copies of letters.

The small business turned into a lucrative business as his computer prowess saw him go up the ladder. At that time, computer programmers were in high demand, and few knew how to do computer programming. In university, Richard Liu has saved enough to purchase a cellphone and a personal computer. The devices were expensive at that time, but he still managed to buy the devices. He was also able to build his parents a house in the village.

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