Realtors Rejoice! Netflix Now Offers HGTV Design & Real Estate Shows

So if you’re a realtor like me, you love to watch reality TV about the profession. Whether for good ideas that you can take home and employ with your business. Or just to see the hilarious drama that’s blown way out of proportion.

Well there was cool news today, as Netflix announced they are bringing some of HGTV’s more high profile shows to the streaming service.

Including some of my and Sam Tabar’s absolute favorites to watch like: Buying and Selling, Cousins on Call, Flea Market Flip, Property Brothers and Selling New York.

But I’m just excited to have a chance to catch up on my real estate realty shows. Can’t live without them!

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  1. I couldn’t be more excited to be honest. No word yet on if the deal will expand, or if the entire run of each series will be available. It is simply the easiest thing for essay writing website to do and also to make sure everything goes on as planned all the time.

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