Real Estate Mogul, Samuel Strauch

     Samuel Strauch is a successful real estate agent in Miami. He is the founder and owner of Metrik Holdings Real Estate Company, a leading firm with headquarters in Miami. Strauch is highly successful in this business. He is the face of real estate business in Miami. Recently while discussing the vision of the company with CEOCFO magazine, he described Miami as the best place for anyone looking for a vacation home.

His success in the real estate business can be attributed to creativity and the business skills he has demonstrated in handling the business. Samuel Strauch is highly earned. He has a degree in business administration from the Hofstra University. He has also studied at the Erasmus University and the Havard University. He is also learned in international marketing and finance.

Samuel Strauch worked in the banking industry before joining the real estate business. In 2002, he launched his company. This was in realization of his childhood dreams of taking part in the real estate business. Over the years, the company has expanded consistently. Samuel Strauch is now the principal of the company. Metrik Holdings not only operate in Miami but also in Latin America and Fort Lauderdale.

Samuel Strauch has always been an innovative thinker, looking for opportunities in the business industry. Samuel Strauch has brought up a unique business model composed of formidable investor and clients formal over the world. Samuel Strauch and Metrik Holdings are still conquering the real estate industry giving effective solutions to home buyers and home sellers.

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