Real Estate Agent and Investor – Samuel Strauch

     Samuel Strauch is a real estate agent and investor as well as the founder and owner of Metrik Real Estate. Metrik is based in South Beach, Florida but also does business in several Latin American companies. Metrik provides customers with development, brokerage, management, and acquisition services. Metrik has founded 15 years ago in 2002 and with Strauch’s leadership has continued to grow.

Strauch completed studies at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Harvard University, and Hostra University where he received his undergraduate degree. Strauch’s career did not begin in real estate as prior to his current career his career was in the banking field. Aside from real estate Samuel Strauch has been an active investor in many internet businesses and restaurants.

Samuel’s idea for his real estate business came from his initial arrival in Miami when he noticed two things: the transformation of the city from a vacation getaway into a city on the beach, and a newly established real estate developments. From there he knew that he could put the two together as he believed he could match international investors with clients as a start to his business.

Metrik’s focuses on spotting very variations in the way that people’s living, working and traveling habits. The company specializes in putting their efforts towards investing into industries and companies that can adjust and adapt to the changes from the old generation to the new generation. Through their work, Metrik has noticed different trends such as the sharing of office spaces instead of going the route of the traditional office. We like how people are transforming the way they are traveling. They also notice that the new generation, is more focused on creating memories than material things.

Samuel Strauch has been the leader of Metrik and has led the company to its success. His focuses on making his business adaptive to the changing conditions of the market has his company primed to have continued success.

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