Raj Fernando Success in the Trading Industry

Raj Fernando is a respected trader in the United States. He is also the Chief Executive Officer and founder of an institution referred to as Chopper Trading. Raj Fernando has accomplished a lot as a trader in his entire life, making him very popular in the country. Under his leadership, Chopper Trading has grown significantly, becoming one of the most successful institutions in the world. The company has increased its capital and opened several branches thanks to his expertise.

Raj Fernando worked in several institutions before he got enough experience to start Chopper Trading. Before founding his company over fifteen years ago, Raj Fernando was working at an institution in Chicago known as Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Before joining the Chicago Company, he was at the Chicago Board of Trade, one of the most powerful trading companies in the United States. He was also a respected cash bond trader in the past. in the nineties, Raj Fernando was chosen to work at CBOT, a role he played for very many years.

Chopper trading was started in 2002. As the CEO of the trading institution, Raj has worked extremely hard to ensure that the organization performs well. The company has earned his a lot of wealth, and he is currently considered to be of the wealthiest people in the United States.

The trader is very active is philanthropic activities. He uses his wealth to support noble causes in his country, especially in his hometown, Chicago. He is a governing member in an institution known as Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Chicago Council of Global Affairs. Raj Fernando is also part of the American politics. He supports several political candidates, especially those in the Democratic Party. In the past, he funded President Barak Obama’s campaign, enabling him to win the presidential election for two consecutive terms. He is also believed to be a huge supporter of the William Clinton Foundation. .

Raj Fernando went for his university education at the Beloit College where he studied History and Economics. The skills he acquired in school has helped him to become a successful trader in the United States.

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