Pricing to Pull in Loyal Purchasers is Ken’s Game

Molding the prices of merchandise that a gives retailers repeat foot traffic is the specialty of Kenneth Goodgame. True Value Hardware is the home of the Vice President of Retail Marketing, and Pricing Management. He knows how to generate interest from customers seeking bargains and quality on their visit to the hardware giant that is working hard to challenges their competitors. How does one encourage more visitors to a retail establishment? Making a solid impression with savings and quality with price points that cause purchases on a regular basis for a target market is how Goodgame works out this equation.

Pricing and market appeal as well as honing the company values and mission for a branding that successfully instills loyalty in customers habits is a formula that is constantly being perfected and tweaked by guys like Ken. Lately, he has been studying the dynamics of pricing in Fresh Pet Foods. For one, people are addicted to pampering their pets. This is a boondoggle for the Pet Food industry. Unfortunately, there is no standard and regulatory body for pet food ingredients and some feel that pets would live healthier, longer lives eating food prepared for them as if they were children who eat at the dinner table. This is the way it is going in this industry.

Pet owners are more willing to love and cherish their pets than their human family members in many cases. This is proven by their spending habits where pet owners of dogs, cats and birds will spend an average of between $30 and $50 dollars per twenty pound bag of pet food just to get a feeling that their pets are getting healthy, quality food. The proof of the success of this theme on pets for retailers targeting those types of repeat customers is the now in the ‘Fresh Pet Food’ isle with refrigerators that house the fresh foods that are on the same level as human foods. This business is experiencing skyrocketing success in the pet industry with items for purchase that Kenneth Goodgame realizes solidifies loyal pet owner purchases in any store that stocks these types of fresh pet foods.

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