Preparing For The Next Big Gold Price Surge?

Is gold dead? Have we gone too far over the financial brink? Have economies got to the point where gold is considered an also-ran commodity? This is the line of reasoning that some financial experts would have individuals to believe. More than a few naysayers in the financial markets have proclaimed the demise of gold as a viable investment option.

Of course none of it is true. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that the world still operates with gold in mind it comes to finance. And if you have any doubt of that statement, just take a look at the various superpower countries around the world who are quickly investing in all the gold that they possibly can. These countries understand that no matter what happens in the financial markets, no matter what kinds of up and downs may occur, gold is still king when it comes to financial stability.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that gold is completely without problems. Like any commodity, gold has been known to go up and down in value, and people have been known to invest in gold without understanding that it can serve as a hedge as well as an investment. But, over the past five or six months, certain indicators have been pointing toward a major increase in the price of gold in the near future. And most of these experts see these indicators converging in the next 6 to 9 months. Because of this, many smart investors are slowly but quietly buying gold on the side.

There are two factors that will facilitate this sudden rise in gold prices. The first will be a rally bear market that will probably take place somewhere in the next three months. That, combined with a sudden slowdown in the purchasing of gold will combine to shoot gold to new and higher prices. Experts speculate that gold could raise 10% to 30% in overall value over that six month period. This would put the price of gold somewhere between $1100 and $1300 within the next nine months.

The individuals that will profit most from this gold spike are the ones that understand the various nuances of how the markets work and how they affect gold prices. Becoming closely associated with a company or individuals that have specific knowledge regarding gold and gold markets would be a advantageous playing for an individual in the market.

One of the more prolific gold coin investment houses, US Money Reserve has been helping its large customer base for years in gold coin investing. They have a staff of over 100 people in a variety of different investment consulting roles, including individuals with specific knowledge in gold coins, investment opportunities, and more. They have a wide selection of different gold coins to offer investors from mints around the world, including specific coins that are authorized by the United States Congress. Whatever your investing knowledge is, US Money Reserve can help you with gold coin purchases and give you sound advice toward investing in the future.

Contrary to popular belief by so-called financial gurus, gold is not dead. In fact it is very much alive, and waiting quietly for a huge resurgence. The experts at US Money Reserve can help you position yourself for greater profits when the bear rally starts.


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