Paul Mampilly, Wall Street To Retirement

In 1991 Paul Mampilly started his Wall Street Career at Bankers Trust. His first wall street job was as an assistant portfolio manager. Paul advanced very quickly in his career and quickly became employed with Deutsche Bank and ING.

Paul Mampilly was put in charge of managing multimillion dollar accounts with these two popular Wall Street companies. In 2006 Paul Mampilly was recruited as a hedge fund manager for Kinetics Asset Management. Kinetics is an investment firm that is worth over six billion dollars. Paul furthered the firms worth to over twenty five billion dollars under his leadership. His advanced knowledge in the banking industry and strong management leadership earned Kinetics Asset Management the title of “World’s Best” in the hedge fund landscape.

During the 2008 to 2009 financial decline, Paul Mampilly was invited to take part of a prestigious investment competition. He was given a fifty million dollar starting investment to work with. By the end of the year he had grown that investment to eighty eight million dollars. It was extremely impressive that he was able to turn such a profit during a time of financial decline. Over time Mr. Paul Mampilly because tired of the fast paced Wall Street environment and only making profits for the upper one percent of the investors. He retired, though he could not fully quit doing what he was passionate about. While his retirement allows him to spend more time with his family, he still considers himself an investor. He has refocused his abilities towards helping regular people with their investments. Helping blue collar workers to secure comfortable futures and retirements for themselves has become his priority. Paul Mampilly has began writing newsletters and he founded a popular one, Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes. He also recently created True Momentum. True Momentum is a research service that will be introduced in 2017.

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