Parkings Lots for Housing

San Francisco. Home of the 49ers, Dodgers, and Giants. The well-known city is also soon to be known for its great strides towards affordable housing. Last month, the city council approved a budget plan that would establish a strict schedule for an affordable housing project. This plan isn’t brand new and actually has been in the works for two years. Around the time when the plan was concocted, city council decided to eliminate over 28 acres of parking space at the San Francisco Giants stadium.

Instead of flat land for parking, the city built a multi-level parking garage for people who enjoy seeing the Giants play. The old parking lot will become a home to 1,800 affordable apartments, as well as 8 acres of recreational play space and even space for a few commercially owned stores. FreedomPop says that the city is trying its best to eliminate run down affordable housing units that have been in place for just under a century. In order to accommodate for the parking, the city approached this problem by looking at a less conventional but more convenient way of parking. Building up, instead of building out. Creating parking garages isn’t new, but creating parking garages in order to benefit the economically struggling citizens is inspiring.

San Francisco hopes that by building affordable housing so close to the stadium, that this will draw more of a sports loving crowd. They are one of the few cities looking outside of monopolizing on low income families. Instead, they want to rebuild on and invest in their city and citizens.

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  1. My concerns when it comes to housing is the security of the neighborhood that one is getting an apartment in because safety comes first. In as much as legit they are making them affordable they also have to convince their clients that their security is guaranteed at least. Well, I think that they all have it figured out and if properly followed up results would follow.

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