OSI Group’s President and CEO, David McDonald.

David McDonald is the Incumbent President of the Chicago based OSI Group. He was brought up at the Lowa farms where he developed his interest in agriculture. He attended the Lowa State University and pursued a Bachelor’s degree in animal science.

Upon graduation, he joined the OSI group and served in a variety of positions. His dedication and commitment saw him rise to become the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

A German immigrant founded the OSI Group in the year 1909 at Illinois. In the year 1998, the firm was called Otto and Sons. Immense success has since characterized the firm. In 1999, OSI signed a contract with Best Chicago which is a company that deals in meat products. In the deal, OSI was allowed the use of Glenmark brand.

OSI Group now supplies processed meat products all over the world. The firm provides many products including sausages, pizza, and slices of bacon.The company has more than 66 outlets all over the world. Under David McDonald’s leadership, OSI Group has been able to attain one of its main aims of breaking through the Chinese market.

OSI Group’s success is majorly attributed to David McDonald. As the firm’s President, he has seen the company through many highly profitable developments. In 2012, he helped set up an extension of the beef processing unit in Poland.

He also enabled OSI Group to set up a brand food processing factory in India in the year 2012. David McDonald boasts of a highly skilled and experienced workforce of over 21000 employees.

David Mcdonald is tasked to ascertain that they all maintain the firm’s integral values in service delivery. Through this, OSI Group has managed and acquired new customers. Perhaps one of David McDonald’s significant successes at the OSI group is the purchase of Baho Food.

Baho Food is a giant private company that has been in the industry for an extended period. The company processes and supplies meat products. The acquisition of the Baho meant that OSI would grow in size and satisfy the high demand from its customers.

In addition to his leadership roles at the OSI Group, he is also committed to other corporations within the United States and around the World. He is a director at OSI International Foods which is located in Australia.

He is also a member of the board of directors of Mafrig Global Foods in South Africa.

Contact’s David McDonald: inspirery.com/david-mcdonald/

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