Omar Boraie Makes New Brunswick a Hotbed for the Economy

With the world as hostile as it is to the rich people, I fear that we will soon have an uprising on our hands that is equivalent to the French revolution of the 17th century. The rich elite are categorized as greedy, self-serving people who step on all in their way as they move forward to achieve wealth. While this must be true for some of them, it is not true for Omar Boraie. When you look at the wonderful things he has done for the city of New Brunswick, you can’t help but question your presuppositions to the 1%.

Omar Boraie has made it his personal mission to resurrect the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey so that it could be remodeled like one of the great European economic centers. He decided that the best way to achieve this would be to work on a four-step plan. The first step was to make New Brunswick more enticing for the families. The second step was to keep current jobs from leaving the area. The third step was to bring more professionals to New Brunswick. The last step was to bring back and grow the middle class.

Sam Boraie began making New Brunswick more acceptable to families by organizing and funding several nonprofits. One of these nonprofits created an alliance with State Theater to provide a summer of free movies. This idea began as one movie for only one night. However, over time, it grew to encompass a two-month time span where seven movies were shown.

His second step was to keep the current jobs in the area. To make this happen, he created a valuable coalition of power players in the area. On the coalition were the current New Brunswick Mayor, the President of Rutgers University, and the chief executive officer of Johnson and Johnson. Together, they were able to create an economic plan to keep corporations there. For more details visit Bloomberg.

His third step was about bringing back more professionals. In order for New Brunswick to compete, they would have to give office space for competitive prices. Omar Boraie solved that problem by building higher tier office space but renting it out for middle-class price. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

His last step was to secure residential space so that the professionals could live in New Brunswick and pay their share of taxes. This was accomplished by building residential condos for the price of a two-bedroom house.

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