NewsWatch TV: Showcasing The Tech of Tomorrow

NewsWatch TV prides itself on being the hypeman when it comes to promoting new and upcoming brands and vice versa the companies themselves are eager to work with NewsWatch TV. For Avanca, the partnership and support from NewsWatch TV played an essential part in helping out their Indiegogo campaign getting the coverage they needed to make their goal. Hugely surpassing their initial goal of $10,000, Avanca came out with $456,551 thanks to their promotion. With their acquired funds, Avanca will be able to produce their Ockel Sirius A which is said to be like a Windows 10 PC with the benefits of a mobile phone, automatically changing how consumers will look at both PCs and Smartphones.

This partnership is simply one of many that NewsWatch Tv is involved in. Simply put: if you’re a new and upcoming company looking for promo, hiring NewsWatch TV is one of the best moves you could make. The show is mostly known for centering around technology but does dabble in celebrity interviews, non-profit awareness campaigns, medical news and government news which is pretty amazing considering the show had a start with only covering topics related to financial issues before branching out.

Since its debut back in 1990, NewsWatch TV has made its place as a go-to program for what’s in and what’s upcoming, mostly when it comes to technology. Winning feats such as the Telly Award and the Marcom award only solidifies their place. Since it airs on the AMC channel, there’s no missing whatever this show has to offer considering it shares a network with such shows like Into The Badlands, Mad Men, and the always popular The Walking Dead. If you’re a Tech Geek then you need to have your eye on NewsWatch Tv.

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