New York is New Safe Haven

When there is uncertainty or negativity in the global markets investors tend to put their money where it is safe. With the dramatic changes happening in the world right now investors have started moving money into all markets in the United States.

Due to having better interest rates, investors are buying US Treasury Bonds. Even though the interest rates are very low at this time, the United States has the best interest rates of all of the G7 countries.

Due to all of the current uncertainty in Europe and the Middle Eastern countries investors have started funneling their money into real estate markets in New York. At this time this is a safe haven for money due to the current population rise and interest rates on loans. The commercial real estate market is one of the safest places to invest at this time with a normal rate of return in the upper single digits.

One company that has benefited from this “Flight to Quality” action is Town Residential. Town Residential is a relatively young company, only five years old, however they have become one of the best known in New York.

Town Residential has set such high standards for NYC real estate with their team of professionals they have gotten accolades for being One of the Best Firms to Work For. Town Residential also was named as one of The Top 50 Places to Work in New York City.

While there is global economic and political uncertainties in the world, New York will continue being the safe haven for investors. As the markets continue to change investors are finding new places to invest with positive returns.

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