Marcio Alaor BMG: Investing in People

Marcio Alaor is a member of the executive team of the BMG Group of Banco BMG, which is a major sponsor of Brazilian football. BMG prints uniforms for 39 clubs with the logo appearing on the chest, back and shirtsleeves. BMG also sponsors three basketball teams, three men’s volleyball teams, two female volleyball teams, the gymnast Jade Barbosa and Vitor Belfort a mixed martial artist.Arcio Alaor was born in Santo Antonio and now resides in Rio de Janeiro. He is the Vice-President and Director of BMG Bank and is also one of the top managers. The BMG bank has a long tradition of being aligned with the top banks of Brazil including all of Latin America. Arcio Alaor equates this to proper management and understanding that people come first, this includes the many services provided to both businesses and individuals. Services include investments, loans, credit cards, deposits, and insurance, all designed for helping people make managing their finances with ease and efficiency. When banking with BMG, businesses and individuals will have opportunities needed to meet all of their financial needs.

Beneficial services offered for private individuals is a priority of BMG bank. Credit cards for the individual is a high priority offering short term financing with lows rates enabling headache free purchasing. As with anyone, these credit cards are best serve in emergencies. The credit card has become one of the most important services of BMG Bank offered to the public.

Arcio Alaor has made individual investments a service of high importance for the people as well as for businesses. With BMG investment services, people have access to top rated advisers who hold the clients interest first above all by offering a variety of investment opportunities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investment opportunities for building a solid retirement. These investment services also provides for financial emergencies people need without being heavily penalized for partial withdraws. Investments opportunities can be designed for short term or long term financial security.

Loans and deposits are another service Arcio Alaor offers through the BMG bank that is very valuable. With loans, people can finance big ticket items such as homes and vehicles. They will be able to get financing with easy payments at affordable rates. These deposits make it safe and easy for people to place money in secure accounts efficiently for future use.

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