Major Storm Spreads Across Eight States, Impacting Real Estate Sales

The current scare right now is Ebola, but maybe we should be more worried about natural disasters that are happening in our backyards. A severe storm that brought tornadoes and wind damage across the south and Midwest has left two dead, several injured and many residents homeless and without power. The effect on real estate sales has been noticeable in these markets too, as houses can’t be shown and viewed under such threatening weather conditions.

A 33-year-old and father of three was killed when the tornado destroyed his Arkansas home. His wife and children remain in the hospital for severe injuries. In Alabama, a tree fell on a mobile home, killing a 75-year-old woman who lived there.

One tornado was actually caught on film in Mississippi. You can view it here. So while preventing the spread of Ebola seems to be a common theme right now, we need to also remember to take necessary precautions for ourselves and our families when storms hit. If a tornado is in your area, Jared Haftel advises that you make sure you find a basement to hide out in until the storm is past. Some cities have storm shelters for residents who don’t have their own.

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